Oes Tsetnoc WordPress plugins

Why is this important plugin for OES Tsetnoc?

This is the only one of the most important Seo plugin I install. This allows me to: Enter title, keywords and description for the Oes Tsetnoc article. Enter a title, keywords and description for the Oes Tsetnoc custom blog content published Prevent indexing of duplicate content, such as my blog archives by date, category or tag Activate canonical URLs to prevent duplicate content penalty by Google (I do not even need to know what the canonical URL ) adjust the format of my blog title and description.

Why is this important?
Header is the title. That’s it. The title of the article contest is the most important source of keywords for search engines. Unfortunately the way the default WordPress to create the title is still far from optimal. All-in-one SEO pack to make search engine friendly. In addition, I get the option to customize the title for each one-page or blog posts I publish.

Next, note the text link below. This is the page description. And with the All-n-one SEO pack I have complete control over what i got there. I can adjust the description to an article contest I published . If I did not do that, Google will take the first paragraph of my post and use it as a description.
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